Professional Singing Lessons

Vocal Lessons

Tiana Riemel is a professional singing teacher, with experience in working with both beginners and more advanced singers, specialising in teaching children and young adults.

She offers highly individualised singing lessons that are adapted to your particular voice, optimal learning style and future aspirations.

You will learn to:

  • control your voice
  • widen your singing range
  • improve your singing technique
  • improve your breathing technique
  • explore your musicality
  • grow in confidence
  • deal with stage fright
  • have fun while singing
  • get yourself out there when you are ready

Studio located at Salisbury Heights

Other lesson space available at Wayville

Lesson Packages

  • 30 - minute private lesson for $30
  • 45 - minute private lesson for $40
  • 60 - minute private lesson for $50